Creating mosquito-free zones for comfort and safety

SEMCS by Mosquito Control team has created unique Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System (SEMCS). The invention aimed to reduce risk of a vector-borne diseases like Malaria, Zika virus, Dengue, EEE and Chikungunya virus etc. in large and open areas by eliminating mosquitoes.

Many experts note that time relevance alines SEMCS with such inventions as Tesla electric car, iPhone by Apple and Powerwall by SolarCity.

SEMCS being both innovative, simple and eco-friendly solution, will allow humanity to make the Earth more ecological, safe for humans and animals by excluding usage of insecticides and chemicals. The system will enable many countries to save large amount of resources by protecting health of its citizens in a natural and sustainable way.
SEMCS team considers opportunities for establishing new worldwide partnerships.

Environmentally friendly

Using natural attractants like CO2, light and heat that imitates a living being, SEMCS attracts female mosquitoes which transmit vector-borne diseases, and eliminates them inside the device. No harmful chemicals are used for mosquito lure.

Autonomous power supply

Autonomous power supply system allows effectively use the installation 24/7

Designed for outdoor usage

According to the scientists, mosquitoes are local insects and never travel more than 500 feet from their birthplace. The first results will be visible within 3-4 days. In 3-4 weeks, the mosquito population will be reduced, and breeding cycle will be disrupted. Therefore, mosquitoes-free zones will be created.

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yard and patio


hotels and resorts

stables and farms

yacht clubs


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private houses / condos

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